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Inside Magic
A program for teens or adults who want to pursue the craft of magic as a hobby or avocation.

With the popularity of television personalities like David Copperfield, David Blaine, Chris Angel and others, sleight-of hand, street and stage magic have never been more popular. If a young person or an adult has an interest in the art, how would he or she begin to pursue that interest?

How Does a Person:
- Avoid being overwhelmed by huge amounts of internet information?
- Choose what to purchase?
- Evade opportunists in the profession?
- Define personal goals with magic?

"Inside Magic" is a new program for teens (or adults) who want to pursue the craft of magic as a hobby or avocation. The program begins with a thirty minute program of magical entertainment, then Gerald gives information about how to begin to learn the craft. The complete presentation lasts about an hour. Gerald doesn't reveal inner secrets of the craft, but does give advice and resources about how to get started. He also explains how to avoid some of the "pitfalls" beginners face.

The "Inside Magic" program is versatile
and is also appealing for adults.

With over 60 years pursuing the art, 40 of those years as a full time professional magician, Gerald Edmundson is well-qualified to give an “insider’s” look at the magic profession. The Fort Worth Star Telegram described him as: "One of the top sleight of hand experts in the world . . . one of the most phenomenal artists
. . . a sleight of hand virtuoso."

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